Should I purchase travel insurance?

Travel Leaders Network highly recommends purchasing travel insurance, as it protects your travel investment, health, belongings and vacation memories before and during your vacation. Most travel insurance plans cover trip cancellation, interruption or delays, medical, dental, emergency medical transportation, lost luggage, missed connections, itinerary changes and more. Most Travel Leaders Network travel agency locations have access to various travel insurance providers, so you’ll have plenty of great choices to choose from.

How early should I arrive to the airport?

You should arrive at the airport a minimum of two hours prior to departure for domestic flights, and three hours for international flights. We strongly recommend reconfirming your flight time 24 hours prior to departure, for both origin and destination flights.

There are so many choices for destinations and resorts – how do I choose?

Finding your perfect destination is no easy task. Here are some things to think about when planning your honeymoon or destination wedding.

What kind of experience do you want on your trip?

  • Adventure: Do you dream of climbing mountains and going white water rafting on your honeymoon? If so, check out destinations like Hawaii or Costa Rica.
  • Luxury: Do you want the best of the best for your honeymoon? I don’t blame you. But everyone’s definition of luxury is different. Make sure your budget can accommodate your plans.
  • Romance: Do you want to enjoy plenty of candlelight dinners? How about quiet beaches perfect for evening strolls? Then consider a resort that’s all about romance. A couples-only hotel, or even a personal butler, will also provide the ambience you seek.
  • Culture: Are you a history buff or culture connoisseur? Maybe Europe is the perfect destination for you. Try a cooking class in Italy, visit the Parthenon in Greece or explore the French Alps.


What is the process for working with you as our travel agent?

You’ll get a questionnaire that will help me get a better sense of what you’re looking for. After reviewing this information, I’ll put together a presentation highlighting several options for your honeymoon or destination wedding.

Once you’ve mulled things over, I’ll use your feedback to narrow down the choices and help you make a decision. After selecting your perfect trip package, you’ll be asked to supply a super-low deposit. The final payment is typically due 45 days before travel, but there are plenty of flexible payment plans available. I’ll walk you through them all.

Before your travel date, you’ll get all the documents you need plus other useful information for your trip.

Where are you located?

I am located in Houston, TX. I am able to work with clients via email, skype, phone, in person meetings. Whatever works for you!